cyber-circles.jpgHORNE is a decidedly different CPA and advisory firm, so when we officially formed HORNE Cyber Solutions in November 2015, it only made sense that it be a decidedly different cybersecurity company. But what does that even mean? HORNE Cyber now serves a distinct role in the firm with a team solely focused on IT services for clients in the areas of cybersecurity, digital forensics, incident response, regulatory compliance and IT assurance. 

So, how does our CPA heritage bring value to our cybersecurity services?

CPA Discipline & Process Mindset

CPA firms have a well-deserved reputation for being extremely disciplined and analytical of potential risks. The CPA discipline is the foundation which we build our industry leading team.

Our disciplined approached to assessing IT risks is one of the many reasons clients trust us to look to the future and anticipate cybersecurity issues before they occur.

Business Advisors

As a business advisor, we walk along side our clients. Given our understanding of their industry and business strategy, we partner together with the common goal of cybersecurity resilience.

We bring independence and confidentiality to our engagements. We are advocates for the facts and look at things objectively for our clients.

We put our clients first by offering ideas and solutions which are in their best interest. We provide our clients with value-added feedback that helps their management teams make more-informed, strategic security decisions.

Our CPA discipline and business advisory role is just the start. We combine those core competencies with our hacker mentality and industry understanding, which we will talk about over the next two blogs, to create true value for our clients.


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Mike is the partner in charge for HORNE Cyber. His primary focus is to enable clients to fully leverage technology innovations by providing the insights critical to safeguarding their business, customers’ critical data and brand reputation. He is responsible for information technology audit, regulatory compliance, information security consulting, internal control consulting and business solution implementation.

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