cyber-circles.jpgAs mentioned in my previous blog, at HORNE Cyber, we are a decidedly different cybersecurity company built on three core competencies: the CPA discipline, industry knowledge and a hacker mentality. We serve a distinct role in our firm with a team solely focused on IT services in the areas of cybersecurity, digital forensics, incident response, regulatory compliance and IT assurance. 

So, how does industry knowledge bring value to our cybersecurity services?

We leverage decades of industry-specific knowledge to provide unrivaled focused expertise to our clients. Industry knowledge allows us proactively guide and serve our customers in a unique way.

We collaborate with each client to dig deep and test possibilities.

We understand the importance of our client’s IT infrastructure to business operations, and also what a breach or downtime could do to them.

Our industry understanding strengthens our value proposition and allows us to develop solutions that align IT objectives with business objectives. 

What are your thoughts on how we are leveraging our industry knowledge? I welcome your comments below. 


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Mike is the partner in charge for HORNE Cyber. His primary focus is to enable clients to fully leverage technology innovations by providing the insights critical to safeguarding their business, customers’ critical data and brand reputation. He is responsible for information technology audit, regulatory compliance, information security consulting, internal control consulting and business solution implementation.

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