6 Talks We’re Looking Forward to at Black Hat USA

Jul 13, 2016 12:00:00 PM |


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Black_Hat-2.pngA number of us at HORNE Cyber are attending Black Hat USA's briefings on August 3rd and 4th. I am looking forward to sharing my work on conducting more secure penetration testing operations on August 3rd at 1:50PM.

Aside from my own talk, we have been reviewing the abstracts of others being given to determine what we might attend. Here are six talks that caught our eye as being valuable:

  • We’re always interested in talks that discuss protocols that are outside the comfort zone of most penetration testers. We’re looking forward to Kate Pearce and Carl Vincent’s talk HTTP/2 & QUIC – Teaching Good Protocols to do Bad Things for this reason. We find anything that informs us on new attack surface to be valuable.
  • Sergey Bratus’ work on complexity in software and formalizing the study of vulnerabilities is something that has been useful for me to teach in my classes and informs how we conduct our testing. I’m looking forward to attending the talk he is giving with Maxwell Koo and Julian Bangert, Intra-Process Memory Protection for Applications on ARM and X86: Leveraging the ELF ABI. The case study in this talk even involves a DNP3 proxy, which is of interest to us in our SCADA/ICS testing.
  • Looking at things from a higher, more strategic level, we’re interested in Kenneth Geers’ Cyber War in Perspective: Analysis From the Crisis in Ukraine. We emulate advanced threats in our tests, so it’s important that we understand motivations and tactics. In cyber warfare, the concept of an acceptable target has not been well-defined, and many businesses might find themselves in the crosshairs.
  • Chris Sistrunk and Josh Triplett are speaking about incident response for Industrial Control Systems (ICS) in their talk, What’s the DFIRence for ICS? We’re sure to make use of this in our practice as we investigate security incidents involving our clients that have a lot of physical automation in place. I’ve enjoyed talking to Chris about his influential work in ICS over the past several years, so it’ll be great to see him take the stage at Black Hat to talk about it to an even wider audience.
  • Weston Hecker has been working hard at finding vulnerabilities in the newest “secure” ATM systems used by financial institutions. In his talk, Hacking Next-Gen ATMs: From Capture to Cashout, he describes how new attacks on these systems work. All of the HORNE Cyber penetration testing team at Black Hat will be attending this one to see the demonstration.
  • I have an ongoing interest in the security of “road warrior” workers, as they travel and conduct business over wireless access points in hotels, airports, and coffee shops. Maxim Goncharov is speaking about attacks on the Web Proxy Auto Discovery (WPAD) protocol in his talk, BadWPAD. I’m looking forward to seeing the results of his study on the current state of security for this protocol, and making more use of it on our tests.

If you are attending Black Hat USA 2016, get in touch! We look forward to seeing you there.


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