Sep 27, 2016 8:39:21 AM

Four More Years and Four Hundred Pounds of “You’re On Your Own”

Last night at Hofstra University, at the first of three scheduled presidential debates in 2016, Lester Holt introduced a segment of questions on “Securing America”. While as an avid consumer of the news, I was determined to watch the entire debate, this segment engaged my personal and professional interests. Holt went right to the point of cyber security, a “21st century war happening every day”, and I was eager for a glimpse at the candidates’ vision of how the nation can protect its own secrets, as well as the operations of businesses, over the next four years. In my analysis, regardless of what the nation decides on November 8th, the message to American business is the same: “You’re on your own”.

Topics: cybersecurity, politics, information security, debate