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Pandemic Response Center


HORNE Cyber's experts have come together like never before to introduce our resiliency to COVID-19 for security-minded organizations.

 Cyber Advisors 

Select a cybersecurity expert from our panel and schedule a 1-hour call to discuss your organization’s cybersecurity needs.

Our simple and secure survey will gather the critical info needed to make our calls worthwhile.

After your call, we will provide a concise, actionable report for your management to review with next steps.

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 Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning 

Our tabletop scenarios assess your company's pandemic response capability and provide action-based reporting. 

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 Social Engineering  Training & Response 

In the current landscape, social engineering attacks are increasing exponentially. We can help test your resiliency and provide actionable reporting to help your workers and management become more knowledgeable of attack vectors and develop the skills to combat them.

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It's easy to get overwhelmed by the volume of information related to COVID-19 cybersecurity. We've compiled a Questions and Answers section to help clear the air.


Common Questions

Q. My organization has focused efforts on transitioning to a remote workforce while IT controls have been more of an after-thought. When and how should we ensure our IT controls address the risk of remote work?

We suggest performing a risk assessment as soon as feasible for companies that have adapted to remote work (even if beginning to return to the office). A risk assessment will help your organization identify existing mitigating controls as well as controls that need to be implemented to address additional risks associated with remote work.

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