I was recently intrigued by the increased number of reported ransomware attacks on local governments. Since the start of the new year, cities such as Akron, Ohio and Sammamish, Washington have been temporarily crippled by ransomware. Often, attacks on “big fish” make the headlines… but what about the “little fish”? Why are we seeing an uptick in attacks on smaller entities? What kind of threat does ransomware pose to small businesses and local governments? For answers, I turned to my colleague and cybersecurity expert, Dr. Wesley McGrew, and asked, “What’s up with ransomware?”. This led to an interesting discussion around the evolving attack methods used by threat actors, specifically ransomware and cryptomining, and why smaller entities are their prime target.

In this latest episode of Attack Surface, we’ll be answering many FAQs, like:

  • Who do these attackers target? Am I a target?
  • Are these attackers changing their attack methods?
  • Why ransomware?
  • What is cryptomining? Should I be worried?
  • How do I better protect and prepare?

If you’ve ever asked yourself one (or all) of these questions – this episode is for you. Happy listening!

If you have questions or feedback regarding today’s podcast, or would like more information around the topic, please do not hesitate to reach out to me via email at ashley.madison@hornecyber.com.