Cyber_WP-11.jpgWhile hacking and information security themed conferences such as DEF CON and Black Hat USA have a reputation of having hostile network environments with a large number of sophisticated attackers, other industries’ conferences, coffee shops, and even airport hotels have just as much potential for being target-rich environments. It is possible, with a bit of planning and discipline, to maintain the connectivity you rely upon for your job with an awareness of the risks and threats involved. Check out our white paper The Practical Guide to Security at Conferences, which discusses operational security and communications security measures you can take when working remotely.

Careful thinking about communications security and operational security is a good idea for any time you have to work outside your office environment.

The Practical Guide to Security at Conferences was compiled by our Director of Cyber Operations, Wesley McGrew, Ph.D., in cooperation with the rest of the HORNE Cyber team. You will have an opportunity to see Dr. McGrew speak at Black Hat USA 2016 and DEF CON 24 this year discussing Secure Penetration Testing Operations. We encourage you to get in touch if you’d like to meet, or to simply introduce yourself when you see him on the conference floor!


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