Staying Ahead of the Threat

Nov 10, 2016 10:30:00 AM |


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Staying_Ahead_Of_The_Threat.jpgForrester Research released a report recently which predicted that our President-elect Donald Trump will face a major cyber crisis within the first 100 days of being president. Who knows if that will come to fruition but one thing is for sure, with the major DDoS attacks recently and the cyber attacks surrounding our election, we are a major target. By we – I mean me, you, American businesses, and America as a whole.

So what does that mean for you? What does that mean for your business? If a cyber attack caused your network to go down, how would that affect you? Consider how that would affect your productivity and ability to provide a service or sell a product?

As we mentioned in a previous blog, unless a significant economic event is caused by cybercriminals, government efforts are going to be focused on cyber espionage and potential attacks on critical infrastructure leaving the burden of protecting your organization on your shoulders. What will you do, and who will you partner with to protect yourself, your clients, and your sensitive data?

What is your plan for staying ahead of the threat?

An integral part of staying ahead of the threat is taking an offensive, proactive approach to cybersecurity through techniques such as advanced penetration testing and active network monitoring. 

Active network monitoring allows you to gain full situational awareness of your network by placing another set of eyes on your network. Services like our Cybersecurity Operations Center can become part of your overall cybersecurity posture by providing expertise and insight into the security events that happen to your organization.

The cybersecurity posture of your organization is dynamic due to always changing technology inside your company and the ever evolving threat landscape that you face. Any organization that does not take this into account will become more susceptible to an attack during the time between penetration tests. An active monitoring service provides you and your team with the critical knowledge that you need on a regular basis to adapt and improve their overall cyber resilience.

For you to stay ahead of the threat it is imperative that you see the whole picture when it comes to your cybersecurity. This is done by knowing where you are vulnerable, having visibility to see if you are under attack and having the proper technology and experience to be resilient when you face an adversary.


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